Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Unfinished Angel

By: Sharon Creech

This is a short, sweet story about an “unnamed” angel who watches over the people in Casa Rosa, a small place in Switzerland. In this story the angel is searching for its purpose in life. He is not your typical angel and when you read the book you’ll fall in love with him because he comes across like an innocent child because of the way the story was written. The angel has been watching over the town for quite some time now and nothing interesting has happened, but that all changes when Mr. Pomodoro and his daughter Zola move in from America to build an international school. You see, not only can Zora see the angel but, she’s also telling it what to do and the angel doesn’t like that. Things get complicated when Zora decides that they need to help five orphaned children who are living in the cow shed, but you’d be amazed to find out just what this little girl and angel can do.

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